Wednesday, September 28, 2005

london 1992

during my time at AMBLIMATION in london we organized
life drawing classes once a week. and of course who
was the best instructor you could imagine -
JOHN WATKISS. I knew john already for many years.
what an artist. probably in my oppinion the best
drawing artist around today. he spent the time
and gave nearly everybody some very detailed
corrections. I learned so much.
later I was very happy that john started to work
at disney in L.A. I am sure most of you have seen
some of his unbelieveable artwork for TARZAN.
he did maybe 100 huge paintings in panavision format.
of course nothing was used, the paintings are hanging
now in some executive offices - they are so nice
and B I G ...

simon wells did a caricature of me reading
the wonderful script for the just so stories.

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