Tuesday, September 27, 2005

dinosaur lunch

during the eighties I had a chance to attend
2 of the so called 'dinosaur lunches'. some
of the disney old-timers met in a restaurant
in toluca lake, as far as I remember it was
'alphonse's'. it was a great honour, you could
only join if you knew one of the participants.
andreas deja arranged that. I never forget
that, because I had a chance to meet one of
my biggest idols, KEN ANDERSON. in the photo
on the right. on the front-left is COLIN CAMPBELL,
one of the top disney layout artists. maybe
someone can help me to identify the other
attendees. sorry, I forgot over the years...

MARCELO VIGNALI sent me the following letter -

...I used to attend the Dinosaur lunch too. As a
matter of fact, I think I saw you there on a few
occasions along with Andreas Deja. Anyway, a
friend of mine got me in and I went for six months
or more. Maybe it was closer to a year .. anyway,
I can name the gentlemen for you.

The gentleman sitting next to Colin Campbell is
Bill Anderson. "The Disney Legend Bill Anderson."
You can IMDB his name to pull up his film credits.
If I'm not mistaken, he did Old Yeller and
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. The other gentleman
seated next to him is Clem Hall ... I'm not exactly
sure if he worked on the Disney animated films, but
I know he was a professional illustrator before
coming to Disney. He and Colin had giant mural like
oil paintings on display at EPCOT's American Adventure.
Clem also had his own illustration company during
the 60s where he did a lot of the auto ads for GM.
I would imagine he came in for EPCOT. And the other
gentleman is Ren Wicks ... he was 82 in that picture
if you can believe it! He looked and acted like a man
in his late sixties. He was also an illustrator, and
perhaps the best illustrator Disney ever got their
hands on. He did work for Colliers and Saturday Evening Post
during the golden age of illustration. Around the time
the picture was taken, he was not only working, he had just
completed an illustration for a postage stamp for the
US government and was bragging about it. He was a lot of fun,
sharp as a tack, and very friendly.
Ren was the comedian of the group.
marcelo vignali


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