Tuesday, September 13, 2005


during the time I studied graphic design
at the folkwang school in essen, many of
my friends were in the photography class.
a lot of them are now very famous and
members of magnum and other groups around
the world. that's how I got interested in
photography. and I found out soon, that
you can 'paint' with your camera as well.
the other very useful sideeffect was that
I could create my own reference archives.
when I started to work on beauty and the
biest I shot hundreds of pictures in the
german forests and small medieval villages.
on a reference trip to the loire valley
organised by the disney studio I shot
probably even more in and around the
beautyful castles. besides that it was
an incredible trip, with the purdums
( at that time planned directors ),
don hahn the producer, andreas deja,
glen keane, tom sito, jean gilmore and
thom enriquez. hope I did not forget
anybody. what beautyful and very funny
memories! these were the good days.

anyway, what I wanna say is, I love
photography at least as much as drawing.
that's why I started another blog
where I publish some of my pictures.
in case you are interested -

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