Saturday, September 10, 2005

analysis 1

apparently a lot of you are very interested in
composition in film. well, today with nearly
everything available on the DVD market, it is
pretty easy to get some good movies, watch and
analyze them. what makes them look so good, how
do they do the editing, why did they cut the
action sequence like that, great use of light
and shadow, and camera-angles... - learn from
the masters.
that's why I thought I share with you, whoever
might be interested, a list of - in my oppinion -
some very good directors and their respective
cameramen and designers. after a while you will
notice, it's not that big of a secret to do a
good looking movie. it's most of the time the
story that makes it work.
so - here we go, alphabetically -

MICHELANGELO ANTONIONI - blow up, l'avventura
INGMAR BERGMAN - the 7th seal, wild strawberries,
the silence, the winter's light
BERNARDO BERTOLUCCI - the conformist,
last emperor, sheltering sky
GEORGE CUKOR - my fair lady, travels with my aunt
VITTORIO DE SICA - the bicycle thief,
miracle in milan
SERGEJ EISENSTEIN - battleship potemkin,
alexander nevsky, ivan the terrible
FEDERICO FELLINI - la strada, la dolce vita,
8 1/2, satyricon, amarcord
MILOS FORMAN - hair, amadeus, valmont
JOHN FRANKENHEIMER - grand prix, 52 pick-up,
french connection
TERRY GILLIAM - time bandits, brazil, 12 monkeys,

- rebecca, spellbound,
parradine case, dial M for murder, vertigo,
psycho, the birds, frenzy

I will soon continue the list...

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